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Hulu Sellouts

It was 2019. Everyone knew about Hulu. But nobody knew they had Live TV for sports. So Hulu threw a ton of money at some NBA All-Stars and told us to make an influencer campaign that feels “real” and “authentic.”


Influencer campaigns are just a bunch of people with selfie sticks trying to hide the fact they’re getting paid to sell stuff.

And then it hit us: why not be honest?

Why not just have our influencers come out and say, “Hulu’s paying me a lot of money to say ‘Hulu has live sports.’”

Check out the case study that helped the campaign win two silver Lions at Cannes.

As Authentic as Authentic Gets

We tailored how each athlete sold out to their unique narrative.

Joel Embiid was known for famously nicknaming himself “The Process.” We changed that to Joel “Hulu Has Live Sports” Embiid.

Damian Lillard? In addition to being a badass, Dame is known for having some of the best ink in the game. He got a “Hulu Has Live Sports” tattoo.

And sneakerheads everywhere were waiting Giannis Antetokounmpo’s first signature Nikes. So we had him drop his first signature slippers.

Wait, the US Women’s National Team Sold Out, Too?

You bet. We went ahead and sponsored their new goal celebration.

It was pretty awesome when they won the whole thing.